Nancy Reyes Art

100% Handmade Unique Paintings 

  Inspired by Love and Nature.


The combination and explosion of primary colors is essential to start creating each piece. The use of acrylic paint to border each line of the painting —that takes hours of dedication and patience— is what creates the third dimension in our work, and make it unique.


As Folk artists we feel responsible for maintaining our ethnic and cultural heritage, for that reason we address many of our customs in the pieces. Our art is spontaneous, impulsive, and comes directly from the daily life of our people.  All the pieces are inspired by our common love for the Cuban flora and fauna as well as the beauty of Havana City.


We are a family of self-taught artists who live and work in Gainesville Fl. Our creative team is made up of Nancy Reyes , Jessie Dominguez and Aaron Gomez. Each one of us has a special role in the production our hand painted, one of a kind pieces. We use only top quality materials and take pride in our creative process.  



Roosters in the field by nancyreyesart

Roosters in the field acrylic painting on canvas - original artwork 34" x26" unique artwall